Mei Phing's 3-Step Framework ⚡

"Really like how you conceptualise the whole corporate jungle as something easy to understand. They don't teach these in university."

Shaik J., Business Development Sales

"I should thank you for making me realise that hard work in the workplace is important but can go further with the right skills and techniques."

H.L. Lee, Audit, Risk & Internal Controls

"My boss gave me a rating of 105% in view that I've gone over & above for my role. I've also updated my LinkedIn profile with your feedback & used your method to negotiate a 32% salary increase for a new job offer."

Swee Lynn, Branding, Marketing & E-Commerce

"My boss shared his vision to make me the future Head of Department. On the same day, I received a new external opportunity. I feel so happy and proud of what I have applied & achieved, thanks to you!"

Ahmad, Engineer & Project Management

Climbing The Career Ladder ⚡

"Wonderful sharing on how we can effectively navigate ourselves from this by understanding our role and people personalities so that we can communicate effectively with people at different career level."

S.L. Ng, Customer Acquisition & Marketing

"So interesting. I realised that I have the same issues other people faced too, during the mentoring call, will continue to plan and work on it to achieve my career goals."

X.Y. Ong, Software Engineer

"I learned a lot from all the mentoring sessions on my peers' scenarios. Gets me to see my work situation with a positive mindset, which in turn avoids unnecessary stress & anxiety that I had previously."

Nick, Banking & Financial Institutions