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Grow Your Career Confidence In 90 Days πŸš€

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Less anxiety. More confidence.

More happiness.

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What Is Corporate Career Confidence? πŸš€

In The Corporate Survivor πŸš€ I teach you how to grow your career confidence in the corporate world with my proven 3-step framework that I've personally used (and taught 300+ clients!)

#1 πŸ” Clarity about the work culture, structure and people.

#2 πŸ› οΈ Confidence in your abilities, skills, expertise and competencies.

#3 🧲 Visibility to receive positive recognition and new career opportunities.

If that sounds like what you need, read on to learn more!

Do you want to stop:

➜ πŸ€” Feeling like you're not good enough at your job?

➜ ❓ Struggling to understand what you need to do at work, with no clarity?

➜ ⏰ Working long hours and weekends, because there's everything is urgent?

➜ 😰 Feeling anxious and stressed, and unable to adapt to your job or company?

➜ 🏠 Still thinking about work during "off" office hours or when going home?

➜ πŸ‘₯ Not knowing how to build relationships with your boss, team or clients?

➜ πŸ’¬ Struggling to communicate clearly with others without misunderstandings?

➜ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’Ό Feeling like you are not getting the support and recognition you deserve?

➜ πŸ’Έ Getting ignored with no job promotions, salary increments or opportunities?

➜ πŸš€ Not experiencing the growth that you are supposed to have in your career?


This is you, NOW.

Confused Worker


At this moment, you are...



Want to learn how to add value and fast-track success in this new role without feelings of uncertainty or confusion.



Want to know how to adjust to the company culture, people and work quickly and without feeling overwhelmed.



Want to know how to manage your work expectations and build strong relationships without sacrificing your mental health.



This is you, AFTER.

Corporate Survivor

You have a career strategy and feel "in control".

Backed by the right method and tools to work faster and better.

You know how to navigate the corporate world confidently for career success.

In 90 days, you'll:


Master the framework and exact steps to grow your career confidence.


Have clarity on your role and responsibilities for the team and company.


Create self-awareness to improve on your mindset, skillset and deficiencies.


Understand the working habits of your boss, team, colleague, client etc.


Communicate clearly and concisely and avoid misunderstandings.


Manage expectations by your boss and handle work disagreements.


Improve your critical thinking to deliver your KPIs with less time.


Prioritise and organise so you use your work hours to focus on key KPIs.


Expand your networking without uncomfortable small talk.


Get positive feedback on your work performance from stakeholders.


Attract new opportunities with an effective online LinkedIn strategy.


Feel less anxiety at work and more satisfaction in your career.

πŸ’¬ What Our Students Are Saying... πŸ’¬







πŸ‘‹ Hey, I'm...

Mei Phing Lim

I'm a corporate leader turned career coach. LinkedIn Top Voice 2023.

From feeling job anxiety, to 80+ hour weeks, to getting underpaid, I've been there.

Until... I learned the 3 steps that helped me grow my career from Executive to Senior Director in just 4 years.

Nowadays, I'm obsessed with teaching people, just like you, how you can do it too.


My Career, BEFORE.

➜ I've always thought that my career would be smooth-sailing once I graduated.

➜ I would join my dream company and quickly adapt to my new job and prove my value.

➜ One can hope for the best, right?

➜ Unfortunately, reality can often be different.

➜ I ended up working at an SME company with a starting salary of RM1500 (~USD333).

➜ Within months, I was struggling at work and feeling anxious, stressed and frustrated daily.

➜ I was working late and long hours but feeling like my work are not completed fast enough.

➜ I was stressed out every time I had to submit a progress update, not knowing what to report.

➜ I was awkward when communicating with other people, and I was not getting help at work.

➜ The worse thing was I didn't know how to start improving my situation or get opportunities, and ended up feeling like other people were better than me and I was stuck in "this" forever.

➜ I spent the next few years understanding what it takes to navigate the corporate world and build career confidence without daily job anxiety. This allowed me to slowly developed a framework which allowed me to navigate my career with the least obstacles as I climbed the career ladder.

➜ That's how I created The Corporate Survivor.



My Career, AFTER.

➜ Positive change can happen quickly once you gain clarity and everything "clicks".

➜ I was promoted to the Head of Department, managing a USD 1B portfolio across 43 countries.

➜ I received salary increments between 20-30% and made USD 200K.

➜ I get headhunted with new opportunities on LinkedIn every month.

➜ I worked with hundreds of people on important regulatory projects without feeling overwhelmed.

➜ I was able to effectively communicate and work easily with people from over 43 countries.

➜ I hosted meetings for C-suite CEOs and never felt like I didn't deserve a spot at the table.

➜ I trained thousands of staff members located in the US, UK, UAE, SG, IN etc on new initiatives.

➜ I worked efficiently and effectively because I knew which exact performance goal to focus on.

➜ I was able to prioritise the right activities and build relationships with the right people at work, by applying the same methods and principles you'll learn in this course.

➜ Becoming a Corporate Survivor is all about focusing on the things that matter at your job, enhancing your skillset so you deliver your work faster and better, and getting recognised for the value that you bring. You are positioning yourself for career growth.

➜ I want to teach you how you can apply The Corporate Survivor framework to your career, and help you to survive and thrive in the corporate world, with clarity and confidence!

Here’s how The Corporate Survivor helped me grow my career confidence:

πŸ’‘ I was clear on exactly what I need to focus on at work, without wasting time on pointless tasks.

⏰ I have a life outside of my job and stopped working crazy long hours and on weekends.

πŸ’¬ I could and communicate with people across all levels of seniority and network easily.

πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I stopped feeling "not good enough" and improved my self-confidence at work.

⭐ I was recognised for my value and contributions with promotions and salary increments.

πŸš€ I enjoyed a more fulfilling career and attracted new opportunities for growth.

⬆️ This could be YOU! ⬆️


The Corporate Survivor

The Corporate Survivor πŸš€ is an online career course with a 6-month group mentoring experience where I’ll teach you how to grow your career confidence in the corporate world.

In this power-packed course, you’ll learn the exact frameworks, methods, and steps I use to deliver my performance goals and KPIs more efficiently and effectively, and climb up the corporate ladder with full confidence and competence.

I’ve shared sneak peeks of my methods with over 20,000 social media followers and 300+ private coaching clients, who have been able to transform their lives and careers with my guidance.

The Corporate Survivor

3-Step Framework:

Core Course Curriculum




Step 1 β€’ Month 1


Crash course in the corporate structure.

Only what REALLY matters.

βœ… Understanding the corporate world mindset and "puzzle"
βœ… Knowing how you fit in the company culture and structure
βœ… Applying the 3S Method to identify your KPIs and adapt to the role.
βœ… Learning about people, working habits & communication styles.

If you're NOT doing these right…
You’ll feel overwhelmed, confused and want to give up.


Step 2 β€’ Month 2


Work better and hit your KPIs faster.

Enhance and master career skills.

βœ… Identifying your soft skills gaps and deficiencies
βœ… Ensuring alignment of expectations and performance goals
βœ… Communicating clearly & concisely to avoid misunderstandings.
βœ… Prioritising the right KPIs with effective & productive work habits.

If you DON'T have the right skills...
You’ll always feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, frustrated, busy, stressed out and want to give up.


Step 3 β€’ Month 3


Stop being invisible at work.

Gain recognition and opportunities.

βœ… Understanding how to network with the right people.
βœ… Knowing how to position your value during performance reviews.
βœ… Gaining recognition at work and get opportunities for growth.
βœ… Attracting career opportunities with an effective LinkedIn strategy.

If you're NOT visible...
You’ll likely feel stuck and underpaid.

The Corporate Survivor

What You'll Get

Career Training β€’ Group Mentoring β€’ 1:1 Coaching

When you sign up, you'll get access to ALL course lessons and bonuses so you can get started immediately. Lessons are accessible on-demand, accessible on your laptop and mobile.


3-Step Framework

6 Modules + >40 Lessons

* Lifetime Access *

πŸ’‘ Step 1 πŸ’‘

Get Clear On The Corporate World

Module 1: Corporate Culture & Mindset

Module 2: People & Personality Types

πŸ”₯ Step 2 πŸ”₯

Get Confident with Corporate Skills

Module 3: Assessing Skills Deficiencies

Module 4: Enhancing Top 12 Career Skills

⭐ Step 3 ⭐

Get Visible with Personal Branding

Module 5: Networking On-The-Job

Module 6: Online LinkedIn Branding



Career Ladder + Job Search

* Lifetime Access *

πŸͺœ Bonus #1 πŸͺœ

Career Ladder: Fresh Grad to C-Suite CEO

Mindset and skillset to focus on at every career level.

Fresh Graduate - Executive - Manager - Director - CEO.

🧲 Bonus #2 🧲

30-Day Job Search Strategy

Step-by-step to attract new career opportunities.

Week 1: Career Direction

Week 2: Resume-Writing

Week 3: LinkedIn Strategy

Week 4: Interview Skills


Special Bonus

Monthly Group Mentoring + Live Workshops

* 6-Month Free Membership *

🎯 Special Bonus #1 🎯

Group Mentoring: Monthly Q&A Sessions & Video Recording

Guidance on how to implement and execute the course lessons.

Navigate your career and job search challenges, and learn from other students to avoid pitfalls.

πŸ’° Special Bonus #2 πŸ’°

Salary Negotiation Workshop - Video Recording

Step-by-step for negotiating internal increments and external offers.

Learn how to position your value and increase your income.



FREE 1:1 Career Strategy Call

* No Expiry *

Get direct access to my corporate world insights and experience.

Ask me anything about your career. Design your 2023 career strategy and action plan.

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4 payments of $220

+ Invest as you go along our course journey!

(90-Day Plan)



Feel clear and confident daily.

Navigate your workplace with ease.

Gain positive recognition and career growth.

That's what The Corporate Survivor πŸš€ is all about.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy career fulfilment and happiness :)



The Corporate Survivor empowers 300+ working professionals in over 40 countries!

πŸ’¬ What our students are saying... πŸ’¬


βœ… Can I join Corporate Survivor if I have working experience and am not a fresh graduate? YES! 95% of my clients in The Corporate Survivor are working 9-5 professionals, from diverse industries, from Executives to Department Heads. I've included both foundational and advanced strategies that you can implement regardless of which career level you are at. In my 10+ years of corporate world career, I have used the same framework, method and steps to improve my work confidence and competence. You can do it too!

βœ… Can I join if I'm a fresh graduate just starting my first job? YES! In fact, the course covers the knowledge you need to know about the corporate world so that you can quickly adapt to your job. The lessons are designed to help you build the right skillset from the beginning and avoid obstacles as you progress in your career.

βœ… What makes Mei Phing different from other coaches? I'm the only career coach in the space with actual/real senior leadership experience in the corporate world, as a Senior Director and Corporate Leader managing a USD 1B portfolio and working with people from 43 countries.

Many other coaches are from HR/Recruitment and can only teach you how to find a job (again) but have no idea how to practically overcome workplace challenges and navigate your career journey.

I will teach you the overall corporate career mindset and skillset so that you can position yourself for long-term success. I'm also transparent with what you'll get inside the course (the full list above!)

βœ… Is the course different from Mei Phing's free content? I'm a big believer in helping others by giving out free content in my blog, videos and podcasts. But honestly, my free content is only 2% of what I teach inside The Corporate Survivor. Just imagine how the 98% can help you speed up your learning with a clear roadmap with effective methods and steps.

In addition to the course lessons, you'll snag a bonus 6-month group mentoring sessions (via Zoom) where I help you and other students implement the 3-step framework and offer advice on navigating your career and workplace challenges.

If you join TODAY, you'll also get a FREE 1:1 career strategy session with me as an "Action-Taker" special bonus.

βœ… So… Is THE CORPORATE SURVIVOR a workplace soft skills course, a LinkedIn course or a career course? ALL 3. The Corporate Survivor is an A-Z comprehensive program with all that you need to know to succeed in the corporate world. Perfect if you're a professional working 9-5 who wants to develop or strengthen your mindset, skillset and personal brand for more career opportunities.

I've designed THE CORPORATE SURVIVOR in a way where every module is connected, and you'll need to apply the entire framework, modules and steps to succeed. The Corporate Survivor teaches you how to achieve all 3 so that you can position yourself for long-term success.

βœ… Is this program available internationally? The Corporate Survivor is available internationally and my clients are from over 40 countries. Since the video lessons are in English, I'd recommend having a good understanding of spoken and written English for the best learning experience.

βœ… What if I have more questions? Happy to help! DM me on LinkedIn/Instagram, or email me at

Here's more information!

βœ… How long is the course? The Corporate Survivor's core curriculum where I teach you the 3-step framework contains 6 modules (47+ video lessons) that aim to get results in 90 days.

Recommended course journey is 2-3 months, but you can learn at your own pace as you get lifetime access to the core modules and bonuses*. All lessons are hosted on an online course portal that is easily accessible via laptop, desktop or mobile app!

*Core modules refer to the 6 modules for the 3-step framework. Core bonuses refer to the 30-day job search and career ladder lessons. Please note that group mentoring is a membership and you'll get a free 6-month membership when you join today!

βœ… Do I have to follow the step-by-step? YES! I would highly recommend that you follow the course's outlined steps. I've designed THE CORPORATE SURVIVOR in a way where every module is connected, and each lesson builds your knowledge for the next lesson. You'll need to apply the entire framework, modules and steps to maximise your career growth.

βœ… How long do I have access to the course lessons? You will get LIFETIME ACCESS to the core modules* and core bonuses* so that you can continue referring to these step-by-step along your career journey. The lifetime access also includes future updates to The Corporate Survivor's core modules and core bonuses as long as this program is LIVE.

βœ… Can I pay for certain modules individually? Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase some parts of this course. I've designed THE CORPORATE SURVIVOR in a way where every module is connected, and you'll need to implement the entire framework, phases, modules and steps for success.

βœ… Do I get 1:1 coaching with Mei Phing inside the program? YES! If you join TODAY, you'll snag the "Action-Taker" bonus and get a FREE 1:1 career strategy session with me. Get personalised advice and actionable strategies and the next steps for your career situation. Don't miss out on this exclusive bonus... JOIN NOW!

βœ… How do I get support for this online course? The Corporate Survivor program has been designed to teach you the most streamlined path to learning the mindset, skillset and networking strategies you'll need to grow your career.

In addition to the course lessons, you'll snag a bonus 6-month group mentoring sessions (via Zoom) where I help you and other students implement the 3-step framework and offer advice on how to navigate your career and workplace challenges.

If you join TODAY, you'll also get a FREE 1:1 career strategy session with me as an "Action-Taker" special bonus. JOIN US NOW!

βœ… Is the course investment in USD, SGD, or MYR? The Corporate Survivor empowers 9-5 professionals from over 40 countries. All prices are in USD.

βœ… If I opt for the Pay-In-Full, is this a "one-time" investment? YES - You'll get ALL the course's services listed on this page with no additional charges! Do note that our group mentoring is a membership. Once you've completed the free 6-month, you may choose to extend your membership at a special rate.

βœ… Do you offer refunds? If you change your mind within 30 days and have NOT login onto the course portal, you'll get your refund. Please read the course details and Refund Policy before joining.

βœ… What if I have more questions? Happy to help! DM me on LinkedIn or Instagram, or email me at

The Corporate Survivor

Grow Your Career Confidence In 90 Days πŸš€

with Mei Phing Lim, Corporate Leader turned Career Coach

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