Corporate Survivor Podcast

“I wished I listened to your podcast at the beginning of my career.”

— with Mei Phing Lim, ex-Corporate Leader, Career Coach & Founder of The Corporate Survivor™ .

On this podcast, Mei Phing shares her corporate world experiences, insights & wisdom so you can grow your career with clarity, confidence & opportunities.

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Catch up on your fave episodes of the Corporate Survivor podcast.

💥 Season 5 ~ 2024

👉 Ep217: Case Study - Are you self-motivated or looking for motivation?

👉 Ep216: How to avoid feeling incompetent. Here's what I did.

👉 Ep215: How to be successful at your new job (BIG mistakes to avoid!)

👉 Ep214: Is life coaching legit or scam? #reaction

👉 Ep213: Ep213: My "one word" career strategy.

👉 Ep212: How to become a high performer (3 things to understand!)

👉 Ep211: Signs you've chosen the wrong job.

👉 Ep210: Your mindset is not the problem (How to fix your work anxiety).

👉 Ep209: Is it better to be an individual contributor?

👉 Ep208: How to stop feeling not good enough.

👉 Ep207: SME vs MNC - Where should I work?

👉 Ep206: Generalist vs Specialist - Which is better for career growth?

👉 Ep205: Life lessons from my 20s and 30s.

👉 Ep204: Is LinkedIn Premium worth it? Should I write post on LinkedIn?

👉 Ep203: Boss is not your friend.

👉 Ep202: I asked 100 people what's their biggest career mistake.

👉 Ep201: Don't work hard if you don't have a plan.

👉 Ep200: Get new job opportunities AND work recognition THIS YEAR.

💥 Season 4 ~ 2023

👉 Ep199: Ep213: My "one word" career strategy.

👉 Ep198: How to RESET your career for 2024.

👉 Ep197: Bad habits I’m getting rid of before 2024. Part 2.

👉 Ep196: Toxic things kept me stuck in 2023. Part 1.

👉 Ep195: How to attract new opportunities for career growth.

👉 Ep194: How to sell your value AND get hired.

👉 Ep193: Stop work anxiety and enjoy work-life balance.

👉 Ep192: The real way to build inner confidence.

👉 Ep191: How do I find career clarity?

👉 Ep190: Nobody understands my problems at work.

👉 Ep189: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

👉 Ep188: What I learned from my mentor.

👉 Ep187: How my clients change careers successfully.

👉 Ep186: Job search mistakes from an ex-hiring manager.

👉 Ep185: Should I resign from my job?

👉 Ep184: Why smart people fail in the corporate world.

👉 Ep183: 5 early signs of job burnout and what to do.

👉 Ep182: If your mind is messy and chaotic… Do THIS!

👉 Ep181: Can I negotiate 30-50% salary increment?

👉 Ep180: How I got a job at Google and said NO.

👉 Ep179: Should you take a career break? 3 questions to ask yourself.

👉 Ep178: Overthinking, self-sabotage & the fear of failure.

👉 Ep177: Quitting social media for a happier career.

👉 Ep176: Is a Master's degree worth it? Should you get a Master’s degree?

👉 Ep175: Choosing your next job without jobhopping every 3 months.

👉 Ep174: Mentoring Pt.5 - Overcoming mindset blocks success stories.

👉 Ep173: Mentoring Pt.4 - How to apply for a manager-level new job.

👉 Ep172: Mentoring Pt.3 - How to get recognised and paid your value.

👉 Ep171: Mentoring Pt.2 - How to deal with toxic people problems at work.

👉 Ep170: Mentoring Pt.1 - How to deal with a job change or new career.

👉 Ep169: TikTok is destroying your career.

👉 Ep168: How I changed my life one year at a time.

👉 Ep167: Confused fresh grad to confident corporate leader in my 20's.

👉 Ep166: Working in Malaysia vs Singapore. Pros and cons.

👉 Ep165: What to do if you’ve been laid off your job.

👉 Ep164: Will you lose your job to ChatGPT?

👉 Ep163: 5 best job opportunities on LinkedIn.

👉 Ep162: 4 money rules you need in your 20’s.

👉 Ep161: 7 tips for starting a new job.

👉 Ep160: Why I quit my high-paying corporate job.


Catch up on your fave "oldie but goldie" episodes released prior to 2023.

💥 Season 3 ~ 2022

👉 Ep159: 22 lessons I’ve learned in 2022.

👉 Ep158: The 5 types of procrastinators.

👉 Ep157: Should you still trust finance YouTubers?

👉 Ep156: I was confused and lost in my career.

👉 Ep155: If I could restart my career, what I’d do differently.

👉 Ep154: The 3C’s stopping you at your new job.

👉 Ep153: MalaysianPayGap | Pros & cons of salary pages.

👉 Ep152: Top 2 reasons why people struggle at a new job.

👉 Ep151: 7 advice I wished I knew before starting my career.

👉 Ep150: Choosing between working for an MNC vs Startup.

👉 Ep149: Coaching vs Mentoring: Which is best for you?

👉 Ep148: The 3 types of people you’ll meet at every job.

👉 Ep147: The 3 mindset blocks you need to avoid.

👉 Ep146: My biggest limiting belief.

👉 Ep145: Escaping the mid-year career slump.

👉 Ep144: 2X your salary from 90K to 200K in 8 months.

👉 Ep143: FAKE GURU vs REAL EXPERT - How to find out.

👉 Ep142: How to build win-win relationships with people.

👉 Ep141: How to deal with crazy toxic people.

👉 Ep140: Investment vs Expense - Your money mindset.

👉 Ep139: Your career is a journey — plan ahead.

👉 Ep138: What 3 of my clients did to attract opportunities.

👉 Ep137: How to overcome interview anxiety.

👉 Ep136: Do you have the right career mindset?

👉 Ep135: FREE vs PAID Advice: What’s the difference?

👉 Ep134: Want to quit your job? LISTEN TO THIS FIRST!

👉 Ep133: MNC vs Start-Up - Where should you work?

👉 Ep132: Work-Life Balance - The hack you should know.

👉 Ep131: Do you judge yourself? Here’s WHY.

👉 Ep130: Career Learning - How to upskill the right way?

👉 Ep129: How to define your career problems and what to do.

👉 Ep128: Salary Negotiation - What you must know.

👉 Ep127: Hard Truths - Would you rather listen to a lie?

👉 Ep126: Quitting your 9–5 job. Should you do it?

👉 Ep125: Mondays - Why you're feeling blue at your job.

👉 Ep124: My personal story on Mother's Day.

👉 Ep123: Is it okay to make mistakes? How to get better.

👉 Ep122: What's coaching all about and can it help you?

👉 Ep121: When you feel like you don't have motivation.

👉 Ep120: One big lesson learned from META (Facebook).

👉 Ep119: Big interview mistakes you’re making.

👉 Ep118: Family vs Money - Which would you choose?

👉 Ep117: Work Hard vs Work Smart - Which is better?

👉 Ep116: How to make better career decisions.

👉 Ep115: How to change careers to a different industry.

👉 Ep114: 5 signs you have anxiety at work (3 tips how to overcome it!)

👉 Ep113: Big 4 survival tips for auditors & accountants.

👉 Ep112: How to overcome fears in job search.

👉 Ep111: Best decisions I made in my career.

👉 Ep110: Tips for success at your new job.

👉 Ep109: How to find out your pay gap? 5 ways to research.

👉 Ep108: The 34 life lessons I learned since 1988.

👉 Ep107: How to get the right career coach. Part 2.

👉 Ep106: 3 ways a career coach can help. Part 1.

👉 Ep105: How to make a 6-figure SALARY. BEST money strategies.

👉 Ep104: How to motivate yourself. What's stopping you?

👉 Ep103: 3 tips to communicate with confidence.

👉 Ep102: 10 things NOT to say during job interviews.

👉 Ep101: Before starting your job search, avoid 7 mistakes.

👉 Ep100: I quit my $200,000 9–5 job after learning THIS.

💥 Season 2 ~ 2021

👉 Ep99: 5 biggest moments as a career coach in 2021.

👉 Ep98: 5 big life lessons I learned in 2021.

👉 Ep97: Feeling stuck in your career. Here’s WHY.

👉 Ep96: How to LEARN. The 4 best ways.

👉 Ep95: Being friends with your boss. A good idea?

👉 Ep94: Why I fired my intern. Mistakes you should avoid.

👉 Ep93: I hate my degree! Finding career options.

👉 Ep92: The best times to apply for a new job.

👉 Ep91: Should you negotiate a job offer? My BIG mistake.

👉 Ep90: Should you speak up at work? You have 4 options.

👉 Ep89: Your career and job title does NOT define who you are.

👉 Ep88: Saying goodbye. Minimalism + Change = WIN.

👉 Ep87: Should I take a career break? What happens?

👉 Ep86: A bad attitude gets you NOWHERE in your career.

👉 Ep85: Do THIS every quarter for career growth.

👉 Ep84: Thinking of hiring a resume writer? BAD idea.

👉 Ep83: When to ask about salary during an interview?

👉 Ep82: Tough working environment? How to DEAL.

👉 Ep81: Failed at multiple interviews? Here’s WHY.

👉 Ep80: Is your resume discounting your VALUE?

👉 Ep79: Changing your job search strategy often? STOP.

👉 Ep78: Getting hired with ZERO full-time experience.

👉 Ep77: One page resume is a problem. Here’s WHY.

👉 Ep76: I applied for 800 jobs and got NOTHING.

👉 Ep75: Career change at 45. It is POSSIBLE with LinkedIn.

👉 Ep74: Zero interviews to TWO job offers in 2.5 weeks.

👉 Ep73: Getting interviews with Google and LinkedIn.

👉 Ep72: Getting a 39% salary increase in MNC job offer.

👉 Ep71: Work anxiety as a fresh graduate. What to do.

👉 Ep70: Joining a global MNC vs a start-up. The difference.

👉 Ep69: Get visible at work and landed a full-time position.

👉 Ep68: Struggling at a new job? Work CULTURE issues.

👉 Ep67: Get along with co-workers. Communicate better.

👉 Ep66: Do you consider your boss as a friend?

👉 Ep65: Which job is suitable for me? Personality matters.

👉 Ep64: Your EGO is hurting your career growth.

👉 Ep63: Do you say YES to every request at work?

👉 Ep62: Bouncing back after getting fired. Here’s HOW.

👉 Ep61: How to stop complaining about work.

👉 Ep60: Work from home. How to stay visible?

👉 Ep59: 5 signs of a bad resume. Avoid these mistakes.

👉 Ep58: Find a job using LinkedIn. 3 best ways.

👉 Ep57: Why you are unhappy at your job.

👉 Ep56: Work less hours and get better results.

👉 Ep55: What young corporate leaders MUST know.

👉 Ep54: Why you should get along with your boss.

👉 Ep53: Confidentiality at work. Does it matter?

👉 Ep52: Personal branding online and offline.

👉 Ep51: How to make a good first impression.

👉 Ep50: Your corporate career journey in 6 steps.

💥 Season 1 ~ 2020

👉 Ep49: 10 big wins as a career coach in 2020.

👉 Ep48: 10 big life lessons I learned in 2020.

👉 Ep47: Why people choose the wrong jobs.

👉 Ep46: How to become a top performer at work.

👉 Ep45: Are you an arrogant person or just confident?

👉 Ep44: Education vs Experience - Which is more important?

👉 Ep43: How your personality helps you find suitable jobs.

👉 Ep42: Avoid getting stuck in your career. Do THIS.

👉 Ep41: How to identify your skills gap. It’s a PROBLEM.

👉 Ep40: What you need to know about career growth.

👉 Ep39: Creating content online. Should you?

👉 Ep38: Networking DO’s and DON’Ts.

👉 Ep37: Why you’re NOT getting interview calls.

👉 Ep36: What you need to know as a job seeker.

👉 Ep35: My job as a corporate business leader in banking.

👉 Ep34: My job as a financial crime compliance manager.

👉 Ep33: My job as a FinTech internal controls specialist.

👉 Ep32: My job as a central bank regulatory auditor.

👉 Ep31: My job as a Big 4 external auditor.

👉 Ep30: How I climbed up the corporate ladder.

👉 Ep29: PHING method - [G] Go-Getter - Taking action.

👉 Ep28: PHING method - [N] Navigate: Managing complexity.

👉 Ep27: PHING method - [I] Ideas: Getting creative.

👉 Ep26: PHING method - [H] Hacker: Reset mindset.

👉 Ep25: PHING method - [P] Personality: Knowing YOU.

👉 Ep24: Is coaching a scam? Avoid FAKE gurus!

👉 Ep23: Extroverts are natural leaders.

👉 Ep22: Are you a fast talker? Slow down!

👉 Ep21: Disconnect for your mental health.

👉 Ep20: Don’t assume. It’s a bad habit.

👉 Ep19: Talk less and listen more.

👉 Ep18: Signs you’re an extrovert.

👉 Ep17: Introverts are powerful leaders.

👉 Ep16: Speak up and be heard at work.

👉 Ep15: Does small talk stress you out?

👉 Ep14: Quiet people are actually smart.

👉 Ep13: Introverts are just misunderstood.

👉 Ep12: Signs you’re an introvert.

👉 Ep11: Creativity skills for future jobs.

👉 Ep10: Adapting to change is a skill.

👉 Ep09: Do you pay attention to details?

👉 Ep08: Trust yourself to make decisions.

👉 Ep07: Critical thinking for career success.

👉 Ep06: Leadership starts with YOU.

👉 Ep05: Develop your EQ. It matters!

👉 Ep04: Build good relationships at work.

👉 Ep03: How to get along and fit in at work.

👉 Ep02: Communicate and let people know you exist!

👉 Ep01: Soft skills or hard skills for career success?


Corporate Survivor Podcast

“I wished I listened to your podcast at the beginning of my career.”

— with Mei Phing Lim, ex-Corporate Leader, Career Coach & Founder of The Corporate Survivor™ .

On this podcast, Mei Phing shares her corporate world experiences, insights & wisdom so you can grow your career with clarity, confidence & opportunities.

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